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17,000 girls in Mkushi to be vaccinated against cervical cancer 

More than 17,000 girls aged between 9 to 14 years have been targeted for vaccination against cervical cancer in Mkushi District.

District Health Director (DHD) Dr. Evaristo Miyoba said this during a multi-sector forum in which preparations for a campaign for vaccination against cervical cancer took place.

Dr. Miyoba pointed out that cervical cancer is ranked as the fourth most frequent cancer in the country, adding that approximately 3000 new cases annually according to a baseline that stretches back to 2020.

He said that in view of this, health authorities will work closely with the District Education Board Secretariat (DEBS) to ensure that the vaccination campaign takes root amongst school going age groups of 9 to 14 years.

During the same forum, District Administrative Officer (DAO) Lucy Chilanga stressed on the need for disseminating accurate information about this disease, saying that the objective should be on demystifying and clearing misconceptions surrounding this illness.

Mrs. Chilanga said that it is therefore imperative for all sectors to spearhead the efforts of encouraging vaccinations, adding that this helps to add impetus to preventive measures against the disease.

Meanwhile, Chibefwe ward councilor Christopher Mutale observed that the vaccination campaign deserves to be accorded much seriousness by all residents.

Mr. Mutale said that this intervention also exemplifies the priority that the government sets for ensuring safety of all citizens, adding that these vaccinations have been fully subsidized by the Government and its cooperating partners.


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