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Solwezi Today
is a business news magazine which aims to bring out the development aspects of the town of Solwezi in the North-Western Province of Zambia. The coverage, with bias towards the mining and energy sectors, also extends to other towns in North-Western and other provinces throughout Zambia.

The magazine, which is published monthly,  draws clients from all business sectors in the mentioned areas, but with biased focus on Solwezi. Solwezi Today will focuses on the developments that have taken place and the potential in the mining industry, mining support sector, hospitality business, banking, tourism, health and small and medium business enterprises, among others.

Solwezi Today is purely a business magazine and does  not engage in the publication of political news of any nature. We endeavour to give our advertisers the opportunity to have their editorial content covered in each issue, where possible to appear next to their advert/s, either written by their commissioned writers or by our specialised writers.

This news magazine is distributed free of cost to all clients that have advertised in Solwezi Today. However, the publishers also distribute copies freely to hotels and lodges in Solwezi, all towns on the Copperbelt, and in Lusaka and Livingstone. Other recipients of free copies of Solwezi Today are the the Zambia Development Agency, Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development, Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Embassies in Lusaka.

All the issues of the magazine will be uploaded on this website.


Solwezi Today is a  a business news magazine which is used as a platform for investors and businesses in Solwezi, other towns North-Western Province as well as in other towns across Zambia, to showcase their business activities in their fields. The mission of Solwezi Today is to promote the concept of community in North-Western Province which also extends to other provinces.


Our strategy is based on serving a clearly defined niche market well.