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Adoption of modern technology key to improved ZNS agricultural production

The Zambia National Service Commander Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi says enhanced use of modern technology is the surest way to improve his Institution’s agricultural production.

Speaking at the just ended Big Iron Farm (Agriculture) Show in North Dakota, United States of America, Lt Gen Solochi said he was in the US as part of his Command’s continued efforts to explore cutting-edge technologies and innovations in farming to enhance Service productivity.

The ZNS Commander disclosed the Service has opened talks with North Dakota State University to explore the possibility of sending Zambia National Service Officers to the Institution to study precision agriculture and get equipped with modern agricultural technologies.

Lt Gen Solochi said the initiative is meant to enable ZNS acquire the kind of knowledge that will trigger better crop management and improved resource allocation, ultimately leading to increased national food production and security.

He stated that his presence at the show not only highlighted the global appeal of the Dakota agricultural showpiece but also demonstrated his Command’s determination to continue exploiting and tapping into every available platform that can enhance the productivity of the Service, regardless of distance.

The ZNS Commander, who was in Dakota at the invitation of Show organizers, witnessed the annual spectacular agricultural extravaganza alongside his counterpart from the Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS), Commissioner General Fredrick Chilukutu.

Lt Gen Solochi was impressed by the exhibitions and indicated that the Show was testament of how much the latest technology can enhance agricultural production while at the same time significantly cutting down the time spent on various production activities.

And the ZCS Commissioner General has stated that initiative by the two Services to attend the agricultural equipment exhibition was in line with the directive by the Head of State, President Hakainde Hichilema, for the two Institutions to work on significantly boosting their production activities and thereby enhance their contribution to the nation’s economic recovery efforts.

Commissioner General Chilukutu indicated that a lot of lessons have been drawn as take away targets to enable the two Services upgrade their agricultural activities with the adoption of best technology practices that should feed into improved national yields.

Meanwhile, North Dakota State University Associate Xin Sun asserted that his Institution strives to build connections through technology that can benefit the whole world.

The Big Iron Farm Show, held annually at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in Fargo, North Dakota, is one of the largest agricultural trade shows in the United States.

It provides a platform for industry leaders, farmers, and agribusiness professionals to come together, exchange ideas, showcase and witness the latest advancements in farming technology.

The event is a testament to the importance of innovation in agriculture, particularly in an era where sustainable farming practices are crucial for the well-being of both our planet and its inhabitants.


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