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Commercial farmers advised to produce more maize to meet the growing regional demand 

Government has urged commercial farmers in the country to take advantage of the current huge mealie meal demand from Zambia’s neighboring countries by planting early maturing crops to satisfy that market.

Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo tells Phoenix News that Zambian farmers should turn this demand into an opportunity to supply both maize and mealie meal to the available markets in the region.

He argues that some sections of society have been complaining about the current mealie meal and maize demand instead of taking advantage of the available market.

He has emphasized the need for commercial farmers with irrigation facilities, to quickly plant early maturing crops and dry them for sale.

The Minister says while Zambia has sufficient stock to last the country for another one to two months, farmers can also help meet the regional demand by producing maize to satisfy the growing market in neighboring countries that need the grains.


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