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Egypt’s Plan to Resume Flights Between Cairo and Lusaka Excites Tayali

By Felix Katyetye

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Frank Tayali is happy with Egypt’s intention to recommence flights between Cairo and Lusaka through Egypt Air.

Highlighting the historical significance of direct flights between the two capitals, Tayali emphasized Zambia’s eagerness for the service to resume, underscoring its potential to bolster bilateral relations.

In addition to facilitating air travel, the Minister acknowledged Egypt’s contributions to Zambia’s civil aviation sector, including the training of officers. Notably, a recent training session in air space planning held in Cairo in 2023 exemplifies the ongoing cooperation between the two nations.

“With a signed Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) in place, there is immense benefits Zambia stands to gain from Egypt’s expertise across various sectors, particularly aviation and maritime,” Tayali emphasized.

He adds that Egypt Air’s previous service to Zambia in 2010 underscores the significance of the upcoming resumption, marking a significant development after a 14-year hiatus.

Meanwhile Egypt’s Ambassador to Zambia, His Excellency Moataz Anwar, assured that efforts are underway to encourage Egypt Air to reinstate operations to Zambia. Citing increased passenger volumes.

Ambassador Anwar highlighted the economic viability of the route and pledged to expedite the process, with plans for implementation within the year.

Beyond aviation, discussions between the leaders encompassed pivotal developmental projects undertaken by Zambia’s New Dawn Administration.

The Minister commended Egypt for recognizing Zambia’s readiness for business and emphasized the pivotal role of investment in revitalizing the economy.

Referring to Zambia’s strategic trade corridors, the Minister stressed the importance of robust infrastructure, including rail and road projects, to facilitate regional trade. He specifically cited the greenfield rail project from Nseluka to Mpulungu along the TAZARA Corridor as instrumental in enhancing connectivity with neighboring countries.

Ambassador Anwar highlighted Egypt’s advancements in transportation infrastructure over the past decade and expressed Egypt’s readiness to share expertise and contribute to Zambia’s development agenda.

He underscored Egypt’s commitment to collaborating with Zambia in transforming into a regional hub for transport and logistics, particularly through projects like the Lobito Corridor.

As both nations deepen their collaboration, the prospect of resumed flights between Cairo and Lusaka heralds a new chapter in bilateral relations, fostering economic growth and regional connectivity.


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