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Embrace technology in mining operations, African countries urged

DWYKA Mine Services, South African Mine technology service provider says there is a need for mining countries like Zambia to come up with laws that do not restrict the use of technology such as drones in mining operations.

The company also says there is need to come up with academy to teach drone technology in Chililabombwe to cater for the skill needs of the mining industry.

Dwyka chief executive officer Jamic Van Schoor said in an interview that there was need for the mining industry and regulatory institutions such the Zambia Information and Technology Authority (ZICTA) and the Zambia Aviation Authority to encourage the use of drone technology.

“There is need for the mining industry to engage regulatory authorities such as ZICTA and the Aviation Authority to provide a platform for mine digitalisation,” Mr. Schoor said.

He observed that increased deployment of technology in mining operations was critical in enhancing efficiency in the mining operations.

“The use of technologies in mining is time serving and more efficient compared to traditional mining methods,” he said.

He said the major copper producing countries like Zambia to be more competitive there was need to embrace efficient technologies that increases operational speed.

Mr Schoor also observed that skills transfer was critical in localising technology while making it more cost effective.

He said the mines in collaboration with the Government should consider setting a training facility on the Copperbelt particularly in Chililabombwe that can be churning out drone operators to satisfy the needs of the industry.

Mr Schoor also observed that with more deployment of technologies in mining, the cheaper technology devices become cheaper due to economies of scale.

He said contrary to long held view that technology was depraving people jobs, to the contrary it is creating jobs only that training and competency in handling new technologies were of essence.


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