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Envoy Commends JICA’s support for Zambia’s Key Sectors

By Felix Katyetye

Zambia’s Ambassador to Japan, Dr. Tobias Mulimbika, has commended the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for its continued support for Zambia’s key priority sectors. Dr. Mulimbika expressed his gratitude during a recent courtesy call on JICA Executive Vice President Katsura Miyazaki in Tokyo.

He highlighted the ongoing cooperation between Zambia and Japan in various spheres, including health, agriculture, water and sanitation, and infrastructure.

Dr. Mulimbika praised JICA for its commitment, particularly following the visit of JICA President Dr. Tanaka Akihiko to Zambia where he met with President Hakainde Hichilema.

During the visit, discussions focused on enhancing bilateral relations and identifying ways of achieving common development goals.

Dr. Mulimbika said the Zambian government was eager to implement development programs and collaborate closely with Japan.

The envoy also commended JICA for working with the Zambian Embassy to develop a checklist of priority projects.

He mentioned that JICA had briefed the embassy on Dr. Tanaka’s meetings with various Zambian ministers, where cooperation in infrastructure, health, water, and sanitation was discussed, including efforts to reduce cholera outbreaks.

Dr. Mulimbika stressed the importance of a consolidated project checklist, covering areas such as infrastructure, technology advancements, health, energy, agriculture, water harvesting and irrigation, and the revival of the Iron and Steel economic zone in Kafue.

He emphasized the need for a clear roadmap to monitor the implementation of these projects.

Additionally, the Ambassador requested JICA to consider the construction of the Luangwa bridge as part of its infrastructure development initiatives.

And Miyazaki reiterated JICA’s support for Zambia’s economic agenda and acknowledged Zambia as a key development partner. She also expressed JICA’s commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and focusing on projects that will benefit the Zambian people.


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