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Erratic power supply to adversely affect Zambia’s Health Care delivery system 

Biomedical Society of Zambia (BSZ) is concerned that the current erratic power supply being experienced in the country if not quickly addressed will adversely affect the health care delivery system.

ZESCO Limited is currently undertaking a rotational load shedding exercise which commenced on Tuesday 3rd January 2023 as a result of a planned generator outage at Maamba Coal Thermal Power Plant for routine maintenance and the critical low water levels at the Kariba dam.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Biomedical Society of Zambia president Mutale Mubanga is disturbed that health facilities will not be spared from this rotation, which will cause serious health security such as delaying surgical procedures, preservation of medicines in refrigeration among other services that require power supply.

Mr Mubanga suggests that in the meantime, government should come up with contingency plans such as generator banks and solar power to minimize the damage while waiting for long term solutions.


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