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European Union-Zambia Copper Business Forum slated for Kitwe 

By Felix katyetye

The European Union (EU) is set to host a pivotal Business Forum aimed at growing  the copper industry in Zambia.

This groundbreaking event, slated for April 10 to  April 12, 2024, in Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, marks the first tangible action following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the EU and the Republic of Zambia in 2023.

Bringing together key stakeholders from the Zambian government, local businesses, European and foreign companies operating in the copper sector, the EU-Zambia Business Forum (EUZBF) will delve into innovative strategies for sustainable growth and green investments within Zambia’s copper industry.

The event will serve as a platform for showcasing investment opportunities and fostering partnerships along the copper value chain.

Communication, PR and GRZ Liaison for EUZBF Chisanga Mwanza said in a statement  that the Forum has attracted high-profile guests including President Hakainde Hichilema, who will deliver the Opening Session address.

Mwanza added that the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry with other aligned ministries such as the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development, and the Ministry Green Economy and Environment will grace the occasion.

He said a delegation from the EU will be led by Mr. Henrik Hololei, Special Adviser at the European Commission Directorate for International Partnerships, alongside political and business representatives from EU member states.

“The Forum is anticipating participation from over 100 European and Zambian companies, as well as 200 participants.

The Forum aims to address the surging global demand for copper, projected to nearly double by 2035,” he said.

He further said against the backdrop of Europe and Zambia’s shared commitment to green transition, the event seeks to explore avenues for maximizing copper production, promoting value addition, and facilitating economic diversification.

Mwanza adds that the forum represents a crucial step towards fostering collaboration between European and Zambian enterprises along the copper value chain.

In essence, the EU-Zambia Copper Business Forum stands as a testament to the collective efforts towards building a sustainable and resilient copper industry, aligning with the aspirations of both regions for a greener future and economic prosperity Mwanza said.


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