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By Ruth Chayinda

The Water Resources Management Authority -WARMA- has detected flood probabilities in Muchinga, Eastern, and Copperbelt provinces.

According to statement released by WARMA Public Relations Officer Mubiana Nalwendo, the flood forecast system has registered thirteen triggered points of which 7 on the Luangwa River, 3 on the Kafue River and 3 on the Chambeshi river network.

Mr. Nalwendo says the high rise in the Luangwa River is likely to affect Chama, Lundazi, Petauke, Nyimba, and Luangwa Districts.

He says the high rise in Chambeshi River floods is also expected to affect Kanchibiya, Mungwi and Shiwangandu Districts, while Kafue River floods are likely to affect Mpatamatu and Mpongwe.

Mr. Nalwendo says the report shows that Luangwa River in Chama District is currently experiencing a gradual rise in river flow and will keep increasing until around 2nd March 2022.

He also states that the Luangwa River in Lundazi District is equally experiencing a rise in river flows and the flood will affect part of the North Luangwa National park and Luambe National Park of which access roads in the two National parks may also be cu

off during flood incidences.

Mr. Nalwendo says Luangwa River in Petauke District which is also experiencing a rise in river flows will reach its peak on 6th March 2022 and the floods are expected to be medium and affect Mtipwazi Game Camp in the South Luangwa National Park.

He further says the Luangwa River in Luangwa District has registered 3 trigger points that are likely to experience floods from 21st February to its peak on 6th March 2022 of which areas around DHO school, Kapoche Mission School, Nyamfinzi, Undi, and Luangw

Secondary Schools may be affected.

WARMA PRO also said that Kafue River in Mpatamatu District is expected to experience heavy floods from 22nd February to 4th March 2022.

He said the Chambeshi River in Mungwi District is experiencing river floods that will reach its peak on the 7th of March, 2022 further stating that the settlements around the Mbesuma area may be affected by the flood.

Mr. Nalwendo has since advised residents in the vicinity of these river systems to be on high alert.


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