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Government assists in funeral costs for 32 Luano accident victims

Government assists in funeral costs for 32 Luano accident victims

In a compassionate response to a tragic road accident, the Zambian government has stepped forward to cover all funeral expenses for the 32 individuals who tragically lost their lives in a recent fatal collision in the Masansa area.

Mkushi District Commissioner, Jonathan Kapungwe, disclosed this significant development during an exclusive live interview with Mkushi Radio. He revealed that Vice President Mutale Nalumango would be presiding over the mass burial ceremony, scheduled for Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

Due to capacity constraints at the Mkushi Hospital mortuary, the bodies of the 32 deceased have been transferred to Kabwe General Hospital mortuary for temporary storage. As a compassionate gesture, the government has also ensured the provision of essential supplies for the grieving families, including mealie meal, chickens, vegetables, and cooking oil.

Mr. Kapungwe provided further details regarding the burial arrangements, stating that 26 of the deceased will be laid to rest within the Mkushi urban area, while four will find their final resting place in Masansa, and two in the Serenje district. The mass burial event will be held at Mkushi Show Grounds, with Vice President Mutale Nalumango representing the government on this solemn occasion.

The tragic incident occurred on September 3, 2023, when a lorry carrying passengers overturned in the hilly terrain of Mboroma in Luano district. Preliminary police investigations have indicated that the accident was a result of brake failure, overloading, and over-speeding.

The government’s swift response in covering funeral expenses and providing support to the affected families underscores its commitment to aiding those affected by this devastating tragedy.



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