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‘Government targeting a million Zambians for WWF climate-change mitigation’

VICE-President WK Mutale-Nalumango says Government will work with one million Zambians in the next five years under the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Zambia on climate change mitigation programmes.

This programme will protect the environment against the effects of climate change and deforestation.

In celebrating the 60 years of WWF existence in Zambia, Ms Mutale- Nalumango indicated that the Government would work with young Zambians on issues of climate change aimed at protecting the environment.

She said this in a speech read for her by Green Economy and Environment Minister Collins Nzovu on Tuesday evening. She described their existence in Zambia as a great milestone, which WWF had been focusing on protecting the environment and wildlife.

In addition, WWF had conducted research to reduce animal-human conflicts in National Parks.

Ms Mutale-Nalumango also commended WWF for partnering with the local traditional leaders to protect wildlife and the environment.

She urged WWF to recruit vibrate young people will who be custodians of current and future natural resources.

“People who were young when WWF office was set up 60 years ago are now senior citizens,” she said.

Ms Mutale-Nalumango said this makes WWF and her office common between all are aiming at fighting hunger among others.

Earlier, Mr Nzovu said climate crisis was a major problem in the country as this was bringing severe droughts, which are causing water shortages and environmental degradation.

Representing the private together. sector, Absa Bank Zambia managing director Mizinga Melu said the charcoal industry was worth K 5 billion and current employs about 41,000 people, sadly it was a major contributor of deforestation.

WWF Africa regional director Alice Ruthweza thanked all the partners for supporting WWF Zambia office in the past 60 years.

Meanwhile, the Ms Mutale-Nalumango is confident that hunger and all forms of malnutrition can be eliminated in Zambia by putting efforts and resources together.

She said hunger and various forms of malnutrition had human, social and economic impacts at individual, family, society, national and global levels and that was why they needed to be addressed.

Ms Mutale-Nalumango said when she officiated at the High-Level Engagement on Food and Nutrition Security held under the theme: “Towards Elimination of Hunger and All forms of Malnutrition in Zambia” in Lusaka yesterday.

She called on the media to use the power of the pen to speak for the voiceless on the importance of food and nutrition security.

Speaking on behalf of the Nutrition Cooperating Partners in Zambia, German Ambassador to Zambia Anne Wagner-Mitchell commended the Government for elaborating its intentions on nutrition in the 8NDP and in its Vision to become a Prosperous Middle Income country by 2030.


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