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Government to invite Madrid, Man U stars-Nkandu

(Time of Zambia)-Government says following the success of the Zambia v Barcelona legends game, it will go further to invite legends from Real Madrid and Manchester United among others to Zambia.

In an interview after the Zambia v Barcelona Legends game, Sports Minister Elvis Nkandu said the most important pick from the game was that the game got everyone excited regardless of their background.

He said all people were smiling including former players that felt that their world had come crushing on them adding the government would engage them in the future.

“This is not the last time; I will make sure that we will bring other teams like Real Madrid, Newcastle United and even Manchester United. What we want is to make people happy in the country, after all, we are called the Ministry of Happiness,” he said.

He said Government wanted all former players to be part of football in the country as it was clear Zambians wanted to watch football as seen by them filling up Heroes stadium to its 60,000 capacity.

Nkandu said what was important to note was the fact that what the ministry exhibited was to see former players and active players be part of football.

He said the ministry was looking at involving people who have played football before to inspire the budding football players.

“This was an exciting moment for the Zambian fans. Zambian fans have been starved of football, so for me, I am very impressed that the stadium was full to capacity and we saw a lot of people outside, that is a clear demonstration that people really want to watch football,” he said. He said the government wanted everyone to come to the stadium and that football would always be a uniting factor.

He said the country was more united for the hours the game took place after ill-talk on social media.

He said if the country would continue on that trajectory they could unite anyone through sport which was encouraging,

He said it was time for the country to unite and give what was meant to football and that upcoming players would be remembered in the future.


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