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Government urged to relax laws governing electricity production

Mining Expert Edward Simukonda is calling on the government to relax laws governing electricity production so as to enable mining firms to produce their own power.
This follows the rationing of electricity supply to mining firms by ZESCO Limited owing to reduced production resulting from low water levels at the Kariba North Bank and reduced generation at Maamba collieries.
Mr. Simukonda tells Phoenix News that the government must consider including a clause in the mining agreement that will require mining investors to generate their own electricity by setting up thermal power plants.
He explains that since the mining sector consumes about 60 percent of the country’s electricity, it is time the government and other sector players worked towards reforms that will address the gaps in the energy frameworks.
The mining expert says this will enable the power being consumed by the mines to be diverted for usage by small industries and domestic users.
Mr Simukonda explains that the thermal power plants would ensure that there are no power cuts or load shedding in the country, as it would experience excess power generation to export to deficient countries.

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