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Government,World Bank launch ZAMGROW

(ZNBC)-Government has launched a 300 million United States dollars World Bank funded programme dubbed Zambia Growth Opportunities Programme For Results – ZAMGRO.

The five year programme seeks to promote Agricultural Diversification, sustainability and jobs in the Agri-food sector in Zambia.

Acting Minister of Finance CHARLES MILUPI says the implementation of the programme will lead to an increase in the value of Agricultural exports from 756 million United States dollars in 2021 to above to billion dollars by 2026.

Mr. MILUPI added that the programme will also help the country attain a minimum growth rate of 10 percent in the Agriculture sector during the implementation period of the programme.

Speaking when he officiated at the launch of the ZAMGRO programme in Lusaka today, Mr MILUPI thanked the World Bank for funding the programme’s implementation.

And, Agriculture Minister REUBEN MTOLO says the programme will complement government’s efforts in promoting food and nutrition security and poverty reduction.

He has since thanked the traditional leaders in the country for allocating 100,000 hectares in each province towards the implementation of the programme.


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