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HH canes Zambezi River Authority

(ZNBC News)-President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says he is not pleased with the manner the Zambezi River Authority-ZRA- is managing the Kariba Dam which is shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe.

President HICHILEMA says technology exists which can predict weather conditions and prepare stakeholders of any imminent situations that may affect things like power generation.

He says ZRA should up its game and ensure that it provides consistent and accurate information to both countries on the status of the Dam and the Zambezi River.

The President says he will call his Zimbabwean counterpart EMMERSON MUNANGAGWA to engage him on the matter.

President HICHILEMA says old guidelines affecting the effective operations of ZRA should be amended.

The President has also called for speedy completion of repair works at the Dam’s plunge pool.

He says if the works are not done in good time and the Dam collapses, about 3- point- 5 million people downstream risk losing their lives due to floods which can be caused by the runoff water.

President HICHILEMA said this in Siavonga when he met officials from Zesco and Zambezi River Authority.

After the meeting, the President undertook an on the spot check of the water levels and the condition of the Dam.

Meanwhile, Zesco has disclosed that it is now only generating 2-hundred and -50 Mega Watts of power at the Kariba North Bank Power Plant.

Zesco Director Power Generation WESLEY LWIINDI says this is out of an installed generation capacity of 1-thousand and -80 Mega Watts of Power.

Mr. LWIINDI says the power plant is only using 2-generators which are also not running at full capacity.

He says this is out of 6-generator units which have a capacity to produce 1-hundred and -80 Mega Watts of electricity each.

And ZRA Chief Executive Officer MUNYARADZI MUNODAWAFA says the energy situation is likely to get better at the end of January or mid February once the good rainfall pattern being experienced at the source of the Zambezi River in North Western Province continues.


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