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Imaginative Poultry Farmer Expands into Cassava, Maize, Soya


At 49, Azi Kambangu is a successful poultry farmer in the bustling mining town of Solwezi.

Based in Mitech Extension, Kambangu started out in 2021, armed with  K5000 in start-up capital which she used to procure 100 broiler chicks at K7 each.

“I made a profit of K7000 from my initial poultry business and this proves that it is a good venture. It does even better during the dry season. I have continued with the poultry business and I am now rearing a variety called Kuroilers,” she said.

According to Kambangu, broiler chicken prices in Solwezi range between K100 and K120 while a Kuroiler is going at K200 per bird respectively. Her second batch of 270 birds gave her a profit of K19,000.

Kambangu supplies a ready market for chickens as far as Mwinilung’a District, ensuring that her well-packaged dressed chickens are transported in a frozen state.

“This poultry venture has given birth to a grocery store at St Francis which I rent at K1000 per month. I have invested K15,000 worth of stock in the shop. The outlet is barely a month old, as I opened this grocery business in February this year, yet the sales are moving at a fast pace.”

Additionally, Kambangu has procured a 25x30m plot worth K15,000 which is located in Weigh Bridge area and has built an apartment which is currently rented out, giving her an extra source of income.

She has also diversified into cassava production in Solwezi’s Zangamenu area in a bid to expand her source of income.

In January 2021, Kambangu realised the need to sharpen her skills and enrolled in a business development training courtesy of Kansanshi Mining Plc which is facilitated by Fortune World Investment Limited.

She is one of the first participants who transitioned from classroom to radio-based business training that is aired every month in the district.

“I completed my first phase of training and got a certificate and I am now a confirmed graduate. The training has helped me with the ability to document business transactions including income, expenditures, profits and budgets,” she states.

Against all odds, Kambangu’s dream is to expand her agro-business from growing cassava to maize and soya beans, with plans to buy a utility vehicle for the transportation of her farm produce to the market.

She pays glowing tribute to the KMP and acknowledged how resourceful the training is to most local SMEs like herself.

“Thank you KMP for the initiative as the training has given me business skills to become what I am today. May the mining company continue and should come up with specialized programmes,” Kambangu affirms.

Fortune World Managing Director Mukumbi Kafuta has since encouraged Kambangu to register a business name to attract further opportunities. 



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