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Kafue Town Council secures K360,000 deal with Universal Mining for Nkosa Stadium renovations

Kafue Town Council has secured a deal worth K360,000 with Universal Mining (Kafue Steel) for the renovation of the Nkosa Stadium. The announcement was made by Kafue Mayor, Buumba Malambo, who expressed her excitement at the prospect of elevating the stadium to a great standard and accommodating all sporting activities.

The Nkosa Stadium is a vital recreation facility for Kafue District, and the renovations are expected to make it even more accessible to the community. Mayor Malambo emphasized the importance of creating more recreation facilities in the district, starting with the Nkosa Stadium.

The funds provided by Universal Mining will go towards the necessary renovations to make the stadium suitable for a wide range of sports activities, including volleyball, tennis, basketball, and more. The Kafue Town Council is committed to improving the stadium’s facilities to meet the needs of the community.

The partnership with Universal Mining is a significant milestone for the Kafue Town Council, and Mayor Malambo expressed her gratitude to the company’s management for their support in developing Kafue. The council is optimistic that the renovations to the Nkosa Stadium will promote sports development in the district and help to unearth new talent.


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