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Liquid Intelligent Technologies pioneers Zambia’s digital transformation with enhanced home network connectivity

In a decisive step towards bolstering nationwide digital inclusion, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, has intensified efforts to extend high-speed internet connectivity to key towns and remote areas across Zambia.  

Leveraging a combination of fibre, wireless, and satellite technologies, Liquid Zambia is systematically mapping schools and healthcare facilities across the country to devise connectivity solutions. It is aligning with the ITU/UNICEF-led Giga project, which aims to connect every school to the internet and provide every young person with access to information. This further strengthens the company’s commitment to enhancing access to essential digital services, particularly in remote areas. 

With Zambia’s population exceeding 20 million and an internet penetration rate of 21.2% equating to approximately 4.3 million internet users, connectivity remains vital in driving digital growth. The recent extension of connectivity to Makeni, Balmoral, Eureka, and Solwezi – Kabitaka and Mushtala Residential areas, highlights Liquid Zambia’s investment in foundational infrastructure, laying the groundwork for future development and positioning the country as a digital regional hub. This marks a significant leap forward in bringing crucial internet connectivity and digital services closer to communities and fostering socio-economic growth. 

“By increasing broadband infrastructure in rural areas, Liquid Zambia aims to stimulate economic growth, foster job creation, and enhance access to education and healthcare resources. With over 600,000 homes across the country set to benefit from reliable capacity, our expansion projects aspire to boost innovation and entrepreneurship, and provide connectivity-driven opportunities to small businesses and households, the education and entertainment sectors, and other industries,” says Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Zambia

The company offers personalised internet speeds, tailored to meet the unique demands and requirements of each household, thereby enhancing the user experience, and meeting diverse needs more effectively. 

As a trailblazer in extending fibre into residential neighbourhoods, Liquid Zambia remains committed to ensuring that all Zambians benefit from reliable and high-speed internet access. The company’s GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) connection stands out for its remarkable attributes of reliability, speed, and affordability, positioning it as an industry leader in delivering innovative connectivity solutions in the region. 

Connectivity is the cornerstone of Zambia’s digital transformation journey, and Liquid Zambia is proud to play a leading role in expanding internet access across the region. The company’s initiatives not only bridge the digital divide but also empower communities, schools, and healthcare facilities with the tools and resources needed to thrive in the digital age. 


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