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WATER supply in Lusaka Province will increase from 280, 000 cubic litters per day to 500,000 cubic litters when another bulk water supply project is implemented on the banks of Kafue River.

Recently, President Hakainde Hichilema launched the US$150 million Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project, which increased Supply of the commodity in Lusaka to 280, 000 cubic litters daily.

Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company (LWSC) Board Chairperson Richie Nawa says the population of Lusaka has increased, hence the need to up service provision.

Mr. Nawa said in an interview that Government plans to increase provision of clean water in the region to ensure it is accessible by all.

“We have already sighted the area where we put what we call ‘Third Ayolanda’ to pump water into Lusaka so that we can bring the [supply] level to [between] 400, 000 cubic litters to 500, 000 cubic litters of water,” he said.

Mr. Nawa said a feasibility study of the project has been done and what remains is timing and Financing.

Since the recent Commissioning of the Kafue Bulk Water Supply system, LWSC distributes 280, 000 cubic litters if water to residents every day.

The supplied areas include Woodlands, Kabulonga, Avondale, Chelstone Obama, Kalingalinga, Kaunda Square, industrial areas and shopping malls.

Mr. Nawa assured residents of Kanyama that the water blues they have been experiencing would soon be over as there is an on-going project to connect the area to the main line.

He said once building of the sewer network is finished, the contractor will work on the water lines in Kanyama and other surrounding areas.

“Every effort is being made to put Kanyama on the main line, but we should appreciate that unplanned buildings cause difficulty for us to supply water,”Mr. Nawa said.

In the meantime, the water utility has erected boreholes in Kanyama and John Lainga to supply water to improve the situation.

And a Community Leader in Kanyama Bizwell Betha, has complained that he has been receiving water bills even when he hasn’t been able to access the commodity for four years.


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