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Maamba collieries maintenance excuse inappropriate-HH

(ZNBC)-President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says it is inappropriate for Maamba Collieries Limited to undertake routine maintenance at a time when the country is faced with an energy crisis.

President HICHILEMA says he will be visiting the company tomorrow to find ways on how they can adjust their maintenance schedule so that they begin feeding electricity into the national grid as soon as possible.

President HICHILEMA says he will also be visiting the Kariba North Bank to check on the water levels in the Dam and the generation situation at the power plant.

President HICHILEMA says the energy crisis is an opportunity to find permanent solutions to a long standing challenge that has affected the country.

The Head of State said this at State House this afternoon when he met some of the members of the recently constituted energy task force meant to find solutions to the energy crisis.

Maamba Collieries Limited has taken off its 150-megawatts generator for routine annual maintenance which is scheduled to run up 20th January 2023.

During the meeting, President HICHILEMA directed officers tasked with the responsibility to communicate with the public to be coordinated and prompt.

President HICHILEMA said the public should be frequently updated on the prevailing crisis through the media in an organised and consistent manner.

He said lack of coordination to communicate what Government is doing is giving impetus to some people to spread misinformation.


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