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Kwelan is an online car rental service that connects people who want to rent out their vehicles with people who are looking to rent vehicles.

With its fleet of 60 motor vehicles, Kwelan aims to provide clients a luxurious experience while protecting and empowering all parties in an atmosphere of ease.

A team member inspects each vehicle that a potential partner brings to the platform to make sure that meets roadworthiness standards. In case of potential risk, with the vehicle or the client, Kwelan reserves the right to cancel a booking and refund the client.

Kwelan aims to have at least 150 cars by the end of the year, to reinforce its present variety of vehicles that include motorbikes, sedans all the way up to trucks.

Other than providing vehicles, Kwelan sees itself evolving into a one-stop shop not only for vehicles but also for information on various facilities, goods and services for tourists and potential investors coming into Zambia.

In an interview with Solwezi Today, Kwelan founder Dadcoff Siwale stresses that the lack of digital information in the Zambian industry limits local and international clientele.

Siwale says, “We would like to make sure that people do not struggle to find out everything that is happening in the country. The lack of information and the complexity of the car rental process may end up painting a bad image of the country when on the contrary we are more than capable of providing prime services and are a hot cake right now in terms of investments.”

Chief Operating Officer Dashelle Siwale believes that for exponential change to happen in the country, “each player in their respective industries needs to play their role to the fullest because the time for change is now. I would like to urge the youth to take the risk and take matters into their own hands ensuring excellence in our country.”

The lack of information manifests in the common view that tourism is for foreigners because it is “too expensive’. The closing of borders during Covid-19 revealed to Zambians that local destinations are affordable and the tourism industry saw a spike in local travelers.

This gives Kwelan a chance to be a major player by potentially partnering with airlines, hotels and resorts to provide luxurious package deals for both locals and visitors.

For purposes of security and avoidance of swindling, Kwelan does not allow cash payments. Kwelan has also partnered with Paypal, a trusted international platform while engaging local transaction platforms.


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