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THE Medical Women Association of Zambia has appealed to the media to uphold the privacy of the 13 young women who have been rescued from their alleged abductors as they recover from the traumatic experience.

Meanwhile, the Non-Governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has demanded that Police releases statistics on all purported missing persons in the recent past and declare war on abduction activities to guarantee the safety of citizens.

Medical Women Association of Zambia president Cheswa Vwalika said there was need to guarantee privacy for the young women who were rescued on Monday in Lusaka’s Chalala area Dr Vwalika said the association was ready to work with the relevant organisations to help the 13 re-integrate into society.

She said this in Lusaka yesterday during a Press briefing organised by the NGOCC Speaking at the same event, NGOCC Board Chairperson Mary Mulenga said the release of statics would help the organisation and the country at large know the extent of abduction and kidnapping problem especially among girls and women.

Ms Mulenga said there was also urgent need for awareness raising about abduction and other endangering issues so that citizens are alert.

She said the Police should move fast to ensure that culprits of the 13 girls who were abducted were brought to book as soon as possible as there might be a cartel of abductors waiting to attack.

She said that the culprits should be dealt with within the framework of the law to ensure that others were prevented from ever engaging in such activities.

“As an organisation we would like to appeal to all Zambians of goodwill to support the re integration of the young woman into society as what they need is life and emotional support. We also appeal to young women to be security conscious,” Ms Mulenga said.

Young Women Christian Association President Mwaka Mulenga said the association came up with a plan to help the rescued girls get counseling to manage the trauma and stigma from the community as they went back to society.
She said the association would also offer counseling to their families as they were part of the healing process Ms Mulenga said her association would also offer entrepreneurship skills to them.

Men’s Network Vice-Chair Person Henry Kaimba said there was need to have men in society who value the freedom of others hence, his organisation had set up a place in Lusaka where young men were taught about values and other important issues.


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