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Millers cautioned against exploiting consumers 

Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) President Andrew Chintala is concerned that some millers have continued exploiting consumers with high mealie meal prices despite receiving maize from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

Mr Chintala notes that a number of townships across the country are still selling a 25 kg of mealie meal between K200 and K300 in some shops instead of selling the commodity between K180 and K200.

Mr Chintala says it is a pity that consumers are being exploited by millers who have received maize from FRA, a situation he describes as unfair.

He explains to Phoenix News that government has distributed maize from FRA at a cheaper price to ensure that the mealie meal is affordable.

Further, Mr Chintala who has since called on institutions charged to protect consumers from being exploited to move in to help control the price of the commodity and has also warned of punitive measures against such millers.


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