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Mines Minister to meet CSOS over KCM, Vendata impasse

Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe has agreed to meet two civil society organizations that petitioned Government over the Konkola Copper Mines -KCM-, Vendata standoff.

Zambia for Peace,Unity and Development ZUPED President Ronnie Jere and Advocates for National Development and Democracy executive director Samuel Banda a fortnight ago pertitioned mines Minister to state Government’s position regarding the legal battles between KCM and Vendata.

In an interview today , ZUPED President Ronnie Jere said the decision by the mines minister to agree to meet the two organizations next week Tuesday is a step in the right direction and ill allow the Minister to state government’s position on when the negotiations between KCM and Vedanta will conclude.

Mr. Jere said the negotiations cannot go on for a longtime when people on the Copperbelt are suffering.

He adds that Vendata should be allowed to run KCM in order to avert the suffering of people on the Copperbelt and also avoid job losses at the mine.

And Advocates For National Development And Democracy Executive Director Samuel Banda has indicated that the impasse between KCM and Vendata needs urgent attention as the economic condition on the Copperbelt is deteriorating.

He has insisted that Vendata has the financial muscle to turnaround fortunes at KCM.


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