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Musokotwane nominated Best of Africa Minister Award

By Derrick Silimina

Finance and National Planning Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane has been nominated for the prestigious Foreign Investment Network (FIN) Best of Africa Outstanding Minister Award.

Dr. Musokotwane is in London, United Kingdom, as a special speaker at the Foreign Investment Network (FIN) / Forbes (Best of Africa) Conference, and the FIN Awards Gala later tonight.

A joint nomination letter addressed to Dr Musokotwane by FIN Group Chairperson Olayinka Fayomi and FIN USA President Alex Itkin.

“…You have been nominated to receive the prestigious Foreign Investment Network (FIN) Best of Africa Outstanding Minister Award. This recognition is a testament to your tireless contributions to the growth of Zambia, particularly your dedicated effort to restructure the country’s financial sector. Additionally, your successful negotiation of a US$ 6.3 Billion agreement with Zambia’s Official Creditors under the G20 Common Framework, which will give debt relief to the nation, has been instrumental in this nomination.” read the joint nomination letter.

“Honourable Minister, your leadership exploits, successes, and contributions to your people will be showcased live to a global audience, inspiring others to emulate and learn from your achievements (on behalf of your country). You have now become a prominent leader on the global stage, therefore, we are confident that your participation at our event (conference in London) will enable you to share policies and reforms that drive economic growth, enhance stability, and attract investors to emerging economies like Zambia.”

Through the FIN Best of Africa Awards, the prestigious network aims to acknowledge and celebrate exemplary leaders, prominent businessmen, and dynamic personalities who have made far-reaching impacts and positive contributions to the development of their respective countries, sectors, and industries.

Dr Musokotwane has described the nomination for the prestigious Foreign Investment Network (FIN) Best of Africa Outstanding Minister Award as belonging to the majority of the people of Zambia who have been patient enough and given the Government sufficient latitude to implement transformation reforms aimed at repairing the economy and setting the country on a growth trajectory that will benefit all in the long run.

“The nomination, and hopefully the award, would not have been possible without the steadfast leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema, who has set clear performance benchmarks for the economic management team,” states the Minister, adding that, “Speaking for my Ministry and the statutory institutions under us, we will not take the President’s, Cabinet’s, and the people of Zambia’s support for granted but continue to do our best to sustain a reform path that responds to the needs of our beloved nation in line with the vision of the UPND administration – for business empowerment of women and youths, jobs, poverty reduction, education and skills training, a healthy population, multi-dimensional private sector growth, and prosperity without leaving any region behind,” Dr. Musokotwane stated.

Recognizing Zambia’s trendsetting performance in the finance and economic affairs sphere, Dr Musokotwane has today also participated on panel discussions on “market stability and energy security” and the “ministerial roundtable on investments, finance and inclusive petroleum growth strategies,” during the ongoing FIN/Forbes Oil and Gas Conference, at the Hilton Waldorf Hotel in London.


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