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Mutati calls for upscaling of indigenous inventions

Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati has called for up scale of own indegenous inventions and practically promote skills training in line with the 2023 Agriculture and Commercial Show Society’s reflection of the theme “Inclusive Economic Transformation”.

Speaking, yesterday with ZNBC TV and radio and other media houses at the ministry (MoTs) pavillion of the ongoing 59th agriculture show, Mr Mutati said the Ministry’s step towards inventor’s support is through collaborative efforts tapped into the processes in order to scale up inventions for market driven products.

Minister disclosed that a practical invention example is of a NORTEC student, exhibiting at the stand, who has created a lithium battery that can be applied to power electrical appliances inclusive automobiles.

Grateful on the Ministry’s strides Mr Mutati is also encouraged that the constituency development fund (CDF) facility is providing opportunities by tapping the young people from the street, enrolled into TEVET colleges and rightfully moulding them through skills delivery acquisition (many youths) in various intensive 8 – week programmes that includes heavy duty mining, construction equipment, tailoring and design among many training skills hence responding to transformation of the economy on inclusivity.

Minister Mutati said his ministry is showcasing and offering various rightful skills under its institutions, he comfirmed that the exhibits also includes CDF workeable results that have been placed on record.

And describing on Government long term strategic policy level interventions Mr Mutati explained that the ministry among many lined up economic programmes is on a path concluding the enaction of the startup bill that will augment and provide for innovators and SMEs an opportunity to access the venture capital fund so as to sustain concepts and realise products on the market, he added that the government has allocated K14 million grant available to support the startups



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