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Mwami border authorities thwart attempt to smuggle broiler chickens into Zambia

THE Livestock and Veterinary Department in Chipata District has confiscated 91 broiler chickens that were illegally brought into Zambia from Malawi.

The chickens were confiscated during a joint operation between the veterinary and the Zambia Police carried out at the Mwami border area around 02:00 hours yesterday.

Eastern Province veterinary officer Arthur Mumbolomena disclosed that there had been an influx of chickens from neighbouring Malawi being brought into Chipata District by traders.

ZANIS reports that the regional office said the operations to curb the illegal import of chickens were aimed at preventing an outbreak of poultry disease in Chipata.

Dr Mbolomena said his office had the mandate to secure the safety of the local livestock from disease outbreaks, adding that the continued illegal importation of chickens from Malawi should end.

He said his department was the only one that could give authorisation or permit to all livestock entering Chipata from neighbouring countries, and cautioned traders in Chipata District against the illegal importation of chickens from the neighbouring country.

“This is a country of laws and as a department; we will not sit back as illegalities are taking place. We are therefore warning all the people involved in these activities to stop before the arm of the law catches up with them,” he said.

He said the joint operations on the Mwami border area would continue dealing with all the people illegally bringing chickens and other livestock into Chipata District.

Chipata District Commissioner Elidah Banda has commended the joint team from the livestock department and the Zambia Police that carried out the operation at the Mwami border.

Ms Banda said she had received complaints from the Chipata District Poultry Traders Association concerning the influx of broiler chickens illegally brought onto the local market.

She said that she is happy the matter is being looked into by the relevant stakeholders.

Ms Banda called for continued border patrols by the joint team to bring all the offenders to book.

And Chipata District Veterinary Officer Martha Sinzala said some of the confiscated chickens looked sick and had been swabbed by the laboratory technician at her department. – ZANIS


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