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NAPSA Amendment Bill passes 2nd Reading

THE National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) Amendment Bill of 2022 has unanimously passed the Second reading stage in Parliament.

Labour and Social Security Minister Brenda Tambatamba said the revision of the law would lead to universal social protection.

Ms Tambatamba said NAPSA had already conducted an actuarial assessment to ensure that the option to claim for age benefits by a member under pensionable age, under the existing fund did not bankrupt the institution.

The Bill’s objective was to amend the National Pension Scheme Act to revise the penalty rate for delayed payment of contributions, provide for a waiver of penalties arising from delayed payment of contributions and provide for an option to claim for age benefits by a member under pensionable age under the existing fund.

“Working methodically, the Government will ensure that citizens are sensitised on the notion behind this policy reform especially that it will also touch on the revision of the NAPSA penalty rate and the closure of the Zambia National Provident Fund (ZNPF),” she said in winding up debate on the Bill yesterday.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo informed the House that Chama District would have four medical doctors operating in the area by the end of this year.

This is in support to the only medical doctor at the Chama District Hospital whose contract was earmarked to expire later this year.

However, in responding to a question for oral answer by Chama North Member of Parliament Yotam Mtayachalo, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo explained that while the doctor’s contract had been extended to next February, three more doctors have been allotted to the area.

Ms Masebo she said the districts required at least a minimum of 11 doctors and more staff would be deployed as the Government continued with the annual recruitment of health workers.


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