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THE National Savings and Credit Bank (NATSAVE) and the National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA) have implemented the National Health Insurance Scheme ((NHIS) aimed at providing health insurance cover to all citizens, and established residents.

NATSAVE Chief Executive Officer Malcom Chabala said during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Lusaka yesterday that the similarity of their vision and intent made the two perfect partners in ensuring every citizen and established residents of Zambia contributed to a health insurance scheme and accessed health services from defined facilities across the country.

Mr. Chabala said NATSAVE had vast experience in providing impeccable financial services and therefore stands ready to empower the Zambian public.

“This collaboration will leverage on NATSAVE’s online solutions and infrastructure to deliver effective service to contributors oof the NHIMA.

Am sure it gives us much pleasure to know that there’s a facility that allows you to contribute towards your health insurance within the comfort of your space anytime anywhere,” he said.

He said through the digital transformation journey, the Bank had to undertake, people would no longer need to go to their brick and mortar space to contribute to NHIMA as that would be done electronically.

Mr. Chabala said NATSAVE’s role would be to provide an efficient contributios collection and management solution capable of providing single channel payments, using digital to remit contributions and provide employers with a direct interface with NHIMA payment portal, to permit the on-line payment of contributions.

He said these contributions would then be remitted to the relevant NHIMA collections account.

Mr. Chabala said NATSAVE would provide employers and individual members with payment channels to remit contributions and transfer all funds collected in the transit virtual accounts to the NHIMA main collection account using the Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS).

And NHIMA Director of Finance David Kongwe said they had progressed by having 1,830,000 principal members that with eNHIMA could make contributions payment, check membership status and register dependents.

Mr. Kongwe said NHIMA was driving universal health coverage agenda and was cognisant that achieving the mandate in isolation thereby creating partnership with various key stakeholders in the healthcare value chain.

“It is my pleasure to therefore welcome NATSAVE to our eNHIMA online platform, our online payment and registration platform designed to make it easier for members more so employers to submit returns and pay contributions conveniently, consequently easing the premium collection process for NHIMA,” he said.


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