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Ngabwe-Kabwe road rehab works advance

The rehabilitation of the 143 kilometre Ngabwe-Kabwe Road under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has reached an advanced stage.

Over 65 kilometres of the stretch has done. Ngabwe Council public relations officer Christopher Habukali said in an interview the project involved spot works being done at an estimated cost of K5 million.

He said the project started in December but had been delayed as there were days when the rain would pour continuously for four days leaving the contractor with no option, except to suspend the works temporarily and resume later.
“Now that the rains have reduced we are moving fast and the area we are concentrating on is around Kakoma which is usually cuts off when it rains.

Our patients in referral go to Kabwe but we had to negotiate that they had to be taken to Mpongwe due to the bad state of the road,” Mr Habukali said.

He said the state of the road also made the cost of doing business high in the area and that it only favoured those who were focusing on trading with the Copperbelt.

“The challenge is that the cost of doing business was very expensive because you had to go to Machiya, Mpongwe and then you come round to Kabwe for those that are doing business in Kabwe but for those that are doing business from Luanshya it was fine as they were not very affected,” he said.


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