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HomeNewsOnly K140,000 worth of equipment was stolen last month - ZAMMSA

Only K140,000 worth of equipment was stolen last month – ZAMMSA

Zambia Medicines and Medical Supply Agency Director General BILLY MWEETWA says medical equipment that was stolen in January 2023 is worth over 140,000 Kwacha.

Mr. MWEETWA says the other equipment worth over 1.4 million Kwacha was discovered missing after stock taking following a break- in which happened in March last year.

He has also clarified that the equipment was stolen from a Government warehouse outside ZAMMSA after a break-in.

He has told ZNBC News that the equipment was stored at the warehouse at a point when ZAMMSA was going through remodeling and expansion works.

He said both incidences were reported to the police and are still under investigations.

Mr. MWEETWA says the remaining equipment at the warehouse is worth over 20 million Kwacha and will be distributed soon as a distribution plan was already underway.

Yesterday, Police Deputy Spokesperson DANIEL MWALE said Police are actively investigating the matter.


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