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President HH urged to act on gold mine reopening delays

(Copperbeltkatangamining)-Mwinilunga Town Council Chairperson, Jonathan Chinyimba, has urged the President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, to expedite the reopening of Kasenseli Gold mine.

Chinyimba stated that the delay in reopening the mine has caused increased levels of poverty and unemployment in Mwinilunga, and has hindered the district’s overall development.

Chinyimba emphasized the potential economic benefits of reopening the mine, including improved infrastructure, job creation, and increased revenue for the council to invest in the community.

He noted that the delay has led to limited revenue for the council and hampered business activity in the area.

Mr. Chinyimba has since called on President Hichilema to intervene and prioritize the reopening of the gold mine, which he believes has the capacity to alleviate poverty in Mwinilunga.


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