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President to sink 38 boreholes in all Lusaka constituencies

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has pledged to sink 38 boreholes in all the seven constituencies in Lusaka district as part of the activities to mark two years in office.

He said Lusaka district had seven constituencies and 38 wards adding that each ward would get one borehole.

Speaking when he handed over a borehole at Chinika school ground in Kanyama Constituency, ward 11, Mr Hichilema said the activities of sinking boreholes were a symbol of love and appreciation from the First Family to the people.

Mr Hichilema noted that good leadership expressed love hence identifying the need for Kanyama residents which was water

He said the boreholes were being sunk using his family’s personal resources with so far Mandevu and Kabwata being some constituencies which had received a share of the initial seven boreholes promised.

Mr Hichilema urged the people of Kanyama to take care of the facility with five more boreholes to be sunk this week so that all the six wards could be carted for.

The president also challenged other business communities to match what the first family had done so that development could be inclusive, through constituency development funds and individual contribution to make the country better.

“We are celebrating the two years of being in office by coming here to show you love and we shall continue coming going forward,” he said.

President Hichilema also challenged the party members especially those elected to constantly engage with the people, ensure that they grew the party and sold the party’s agenda for the nation.

Mr Hichilema, who was in the company of some Cabinet ministers, reminded them never to forget who put them in office and what role they should play in enhancing development.

And president Hichilema called for unity among the residents of Kanyama and generally the Zambian people. He said Zambia would only develop if people learnt to live with one another in harmony at any level.

Mr Hichilema cited his cabinet as a true representation of unity adding that all the ten provinces are represented.

“People who attempt to divide the nation on ethnic lines are going against the will of God, because everyone was created in the image of God and love should prevail at all times,” he said

The activities were also aimed at appreciating the vote cast during the 2021 general elections and that the government had not ignored the challenges being faced in the country.


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