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REA eyes a youth-led innovation of a mini hydro power

The Rural Electrification Authority (REA) has pledged to partner and support the Mini Hydro Power Invention Project done by Abel Mibanga a local youth also known as ‘Kacheps’ in Manyinga District, Northwestern Province.

The invention caught the attention of the Rural Electrification Authority Executive Director Linus Chanda who toured the Mini Hydro Power Supply Invention Project in Manyinga.

Engineer Chanda said his organization is delighted to work and tap in Ingenuities and Innovations by youths as it fulfils that the mandate of provision of access to electricity among rural communities.

Eng. Chanda was inspired to appreciate the invention after seeing the creative work on social media last year and thus REA was compelled to get in touch with the youth and to visit the infrastructure.

“I saw this innovation on social media last year and as REA we are open to partner with such innovative works to improve our service provision in rural communities,” Eng. Chanda said.

He said that his organisation will look for modalities on how to incorporate and capacity build the Invention by Kacheps to enable his family and local communities to have access to electricity.

He further promised to explore ways to sponsor the inventor with academic scholarships to enable him advance his creativity.

And Abel Mibanga, the inventor of the Mini-Hydro Power Supply project, was humbled to receive recognition from REA and pledged to partner with the institution to enable him actualize his dream.

“I came up with this idea when I was in grade eight after seeing that my family and surrounding communities had no electricity and this used to pain me a lot,” he said

He explained that he used to gather remains of Bicycle Wheels and metallic materials to make a welded power turbine to tap power from Manyinga Stream in order to generate electricity from the stream.

Mr Mibanga added that the Mini Hydro Power Supply Invention is currently able to supply power to about 10 households within the community

Apart from lighting Bulbs, the equipment is able to supply power to Fridges, Stoves, Television sets and other household electrical appliances.

Last year the project became a reality after local stakeholders noticed the completion of the Mini Hydro Power Invention.



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