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Reports of Farmers sharing Farming Inputs meant to discredit FISP

Agriculture Minister Reuben Mtolo has refuted media reports suggesting that Farmers under the Farmer Input Support Program –FISP- are sharing farming inputs.

Mr. Mtolo has further refuted claims that the farmers are being given two bags of inputs each, saying the system cannot allow such a thing to happen and has insisted that farmers are getting 8 bags of inputs consisting of six bags of fertilizer and two bags of seed.

And commenting on a video circulating on social media showing farmers sharing inputs in medas, Mr. Mtolo says the decision by farmers to begin sharing inputs in such a manner is not the desire of government adding that his ministry does not control what farmers do with the input, but can only guide on how best to use them.

Mr. Mtolo who has admitted that there is a delay in the distribution of inputs due to some challenges faced in the recent past has however assured that government is handling the matter and is hopeful that the situation will be better next year.

He has told Phoenix News that the ministry is closely monitoring the suppliers of inputs and working at resolving any issues that may cause any further delay in the distribution exercise.



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