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Rufunsa DC warns against illegal mining

The Rufunsa District Commissioner, Richard Mabena, has warned that anyone found mining illegally in the district will face the wrath of the law.

Speaking when two trucks that were impounded loaded with copper ore were released and the copper ore forfeited to the state, Mr Mabena said government will not allow any illegal mining and anyone found will be dealt with by the law.

“It is unfortunate that a lot of companies are mining in the district without authorities knowing,” he said.

The two trucks loaded with 40 tons of copper ore were impounded on September 28, 2023 after it was found that the documents were showing that their mining area is Chongwe and they have been mining in Rufunsa for some time.

Mr Mabena said the government is committed to ensuring that all mining activities in the country are conducted legally and in a sustainable manner.

He urged the community to report any illegal mining activities to the authorities.

Illegal mining is a major problem in Zambia, with many people engaging in the activity to make a quick buck. However, illegal mining can have a devastating impact on the environment and local communities.

The Zambian government has been cracking down on illegal mining in recent years, but the problem persists. Mr Mabena’s warning is a timely reminder that the government is serious about tackling illegal mining.


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