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Second day of Grizzly Mining Limited Emerald Auction in Kitwe sees steady surge in enthusiasm

By John Chola

The second day of the highly anticipated Grizzly Mining Limited emerald auction in Kitwe witnessed a remarkable surge in enthusiasm among both buyers and spectators, further solidifying the event’s reputation as a premier destination for gemstone enthusiasts and industry players alike.

With the auction floor bustling with activity, bidders eagerly vied for the exquisite selection of emeralds on offer, showcasing their determination to secure these coveted treasures.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as each gemstone, adorned with its unique brilliance and allure, captivated the attention of attendees who switched viewing lots from the 26 tables displayed in two auction halls.

Notable highlights of the day included visits by various business leaders and the unveiling of several rare and exceptional emeralds, each distinguished by its unparalleled clarity, color, and size.

These extraordinary specimens may elicit spirited bidding wars, underscoring the enduring allure and investment potential of emeralds from Zambian Lufwanyama based, Pridegems.

In addition to the fervent bidding activity, the auction running from May 14 to May 17, has continued provided a platform for industry stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and partnership within the gemstone community.

Commenting on the success of the auction’s second day, Mr. Rasika Ranasinghe, spokesperson for the auction, expressed his satisfaction with the turnout adding that the third day tomorrow May 15 will be bustling.

Ranasinghe emphasized the company’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of transparency and integrity throughout the auction process stating that this can be seen by the presence of Zambia Revenue Authority, Geological department and the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development.

As the auction draws to its day three of five, anticipation continues to mount for the unveiling of the final day’s offerings, promising yet another day of excitement and discovery for all in attendance.

With its reputation for excellence firmly established, the Grizzly Mining Limited emerald auction reaffirms Kitwe’s position as now a global hub for the finest gemstones the world has to offer.


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