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Speed up fuel delivery – Veep

VICE-PRESIDENT WK Mutale-Nalumango has directed the ministry of Energy and regulators to speed up the delivery of fuel to parts of Zambia that are lacking petroleum products.

Ms Mutale-Nalumango said she had been informed that the country had adequate fuel stocks such that the surplus was being sold to neighbouring Malawi.

She told Parliament yesterday that there might be some areas in the country where the delivery of fuel might be slow, but assured that there were adequate stocks of petroleum products available in the nation.

Ms Mutale-Nalumango said this during the Vice-President’s Question time in response to Lundazi Member of Parliament Brenda Nyirenda’s concern that people in her constituency were sleeping on queues because the area had no fuel for the past one week.

“There is enough fuel in the country. So, if that situation now it has taken a whole week, I know that there are other people that also have raised concern about this, it is the delivery. I think the ministry and the regulators will work to ensure that fuel reaches the intended areas,” she said.

She wondered how some parts of the country could not have fuel when Malawi was buying petroleum products from Zambia. “There is enough fuel, but I will call upon the minister and the regulators to ensure that all parts of the country have the fuel,” she said.

Ms Mutale-Nalumango said she was hopeful that Ms Nyirenda was not exaggerating the situation in Lundazi and assured that fuel would be delivered there and other affected areas.


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