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The US, DRC and Zambia signs an MoU for the electric vehicle battery value chain

(Copperbelt Katanga Mining)-Zambia and DRC appended their signatures to an MOU on U.S. Assistance (Investments & Technologies) to develop the DRC-Zambia Electric Vehicle the DRC-Zambia Electric Vehicle Battery Value Chain, further supporting the Minerals Security Partnership’s objectives said Secretary Antony Blinken. Does it mean a change of strategic partnership for the DRC, USA versus China? In order to build up that value chain, DRC will need to start by assessing its climate of investment in the mining industry.

”Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo have signed an agreement with the United States of America to jointly develop the Zambia-DRC electric vehicle value chain,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Stanley Kasongo Kakubo.

”My counterparts, US Secretary of state Anthony Blinken and DRC Deputy Prime Minister/Foreign Minister Christopher Lutundula signed on behalf of their respective Countries whilst I signed for Zambia. Both President HICHILEMA and President TSHISEKEDI witnessed this key moment.”

“The MOU establishes the framework under which the US manufacturing sector will participate in the minerals that are key in the Electric Vehicles,” he noted.

The value of copper, cobalt and lithium is expected to go up significantly in the next decade.


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