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Veep calls for harnessing of unexploited resources

Vice-President W.K. Mutale Nalumango has called for the utilisation of unexploited natural resources in both North-Western and Western provinces for the benefit of the region and the country at large.

Mrs Nalumango observed that for the abundant mineral resources in the region to be exploited, there was a need for investors to work with the government to develop the concerned areas and the country.

Mrs Nalumango said the government was keen to develop the country but noted that there was a need for corporate entities and other stakeholders to collaborate.

The Vice President was speaking when she officiated at the Coalition of African Parliamentarians on Animal Health and Environment (CAPAH) expo and business Forum held in Kabompo district.

She said the aim of the expo was to raise awareness of the abundant natural resources in the two provinces.

She noted that the two provinces were endowed with natural resources that remained unexplored and called on investors to take advantage of the region’s abundant natural resources by setting up businesses in the region.

“The two provinces through the exhibition need to grow the market. The expo is aimed at bringing together different sectors such as mines, livestock and tourism among others to explore available opportunities and create long term value chain,” she said.

Mrs Nalumango further announced that government would soon commence the construction of bridges on Kabompo and Zambezi rivers which she said would facilitate transportation and improve movement of goods and services across the two provinces.

Meanwhile, Zambezi District commissioner Simeon Machayi said the people of North-Western province were happy with government so far.

Mr Machayi thanked the government for its inclusive and equitable development initiative.

He cited the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF) as a significant factor in the positive transformation of North Western province.

Mr Machayi further reaffirmed the province’s continued support for the government’s developmental projects.

He also appealed to the Vice President to consider visiting Zambezi district saying that the people were eager to appreciate the government’s work firsthand. ZANIS


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