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Veep prods Church to enhance peace, unity

VICE-President WK-Mutale Nalumungo hus implored the church to continue enhancing unity, harmony and character formation in the country.

Ms Mutale-Nalumango said the church must also ensure that there was leadership that understands its duty to the nation and supplements Government efforts in the provision of social services such as education and health.

She said the Government had provided a policy guidance to promote good governance in the church in terms of order, transparency and accountability.

She said the Government had continued to uphold the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation and promotion of national values as enshrined in the constitution.


Ms Mutale-Nahumango said this in a speech read for her by office of the Vice President Permanent Secretury Ndiwa Mutelo during the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Westem Presbytery Bishop Induction ceremony in Livingstone yesterday.

She said the Goverment was elated that the UCZ has been supplementing Government efforts in the provision of social services, adding that it was Government policy to partner with the church in national development.

She said the church must continue to work with the Goverment in lessening the burden of hunger, poverty, domestic violence and disease.

“The Government has put in place a number of initiatives which the citizens are supposed to utilise and improve their living standards UCZ members must take advantage of the Government policy on entrepreneurship by forming cooperatives and applying for funding,” Ms Mutale-Nalumango said.

She called on the newly inducted Bishop to continue on the path of being faithful in his service and ministry, as it was Government’s desire to see model leaders of good character and influence.

Newly inducted Bishop Roy Kanchele said his immediate task was to improve the welfare of church workers as he believed that motivation of dedicated human resource was the hub of any organisation.


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