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Yango delivery introduces cargo express in Zambia 

By John Chola

Yango Delivery, a technology company providing a platform for placing and receiving in-city delivery orders has introduced Cargo Express. This is its latest offering designed to streamline the delivery of large and bulky items across Africa.

Yango Delivery Head of Business Development for Africa Ireoluwa Obatoki says the service targets a critical need in the rapidly growing e-commerce sector for reliable and efficient shipment of sizeable products such as furniture, garden tools, and home appliances becoming a handy tool for SMBs (small and medium businesses) in the region.

He remarked that the solution was a timely response to the challenges in the current logistics ecosystem which often faces issues of inefficiency and lack of clear pricing.

He further said Cargo Express sets itself apart by providing an easily accessible service with clear, upfront pricing.

“This guarantees customers that the price they see at the time of placing their order is precisely what they will be charged.

“On placing the order, a customer is kept informed on each step of the orders execution. The status of delivery is broadcasted as push notifications as well as movement of the delivery item is displayed on the Yango in-app map,”Obatoki said.

With the expectation of a boom in job creation within the logistics field as highlighted by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Yango Delivery is leveraging its advanced technology platform to empower delivery partners.

He said the platform equips users with tools that make their work more efficient with better route planning and a fast, reliable navigation to ensure optimised use, a situation which will lead to potential increases in earnings and contributing to Africa’s economic progress.

“The introduction of Cargo Express is a testament to our commitment to improving urban delivery service through technology, supporting the local partners of logistics companies and their couriers with new opportunities for better income and ensuring clear and transparent pricing in the delivery market across Africa,” he said.

Commenting on the development, Yango Zambia Country Manager Kabanda Chewe said the development brings convenient city services to Africa and to their app, both for individuals and businesses.

“Now shipping a couch will be as easy as shipping flowers to a doorstep. Yango Delivery brings transparent standardised pricing to dispersed cargo logistics niche, thus presenting new opportunities for income for local logistics companies and their drivers,” she said.


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