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You’re on your own if corrupt, HH warns public officers

(Times of Zambia)-President Hakainde Hichilema has warned that public officers who are in the habit of abating and misusing national resources should not expect sympathy from him.
The president also decried high levels of corruption at the Ministry of Finance.

Mr Hichilema said this was because public officers had a constitutional duty to preserve national resources on behalf of the country’s citizens.

He was speaking when he swore-in seven public office bearers to serve the country locally and abroad at State House in Lusaka yesterday. These are Chibamba Kanyama as Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States (US), Gladys Lundwe as ambassador to Sweden, Kennedy Shepande as High Commissioner to Canada, Daniel Mahongo as High Commissioner to Ghana, Macenje Mazoka as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom George Sinyangwe as Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration and Remmy Kampamba as public policy specialist at Cabinet Office.

“There is something that has been eating me up where you entrust people with the keys to public resources, but they instead take away those resources and individualise them. What is happening at the Ministry of Finance is very depressing; people do the wrong things and expect sympathy? Not from me,” President Hichilema said.

He said public assets were not for individual benefit and those entrusted must ensure that they took care of the resources and earned what was willfully due to them cleanly.

“The same tax payers you are taking away that money from are the same ones that are paying your salary so when entrusted with this responsibility, take charge and do the right thing,” the president said.

Mr Hichilema directed Dr Sinyangwe, who replaced George Magwende, to ensure that Zambians had easy access to healthcare services when required.

“It’s been one year, six months since we took office and we are still struggling
in the area of getting our people to access medicines because of the issues that need cleaning up in that ministry. Zambians must access medicine, a doctor or a nurse whenever needed,” Mr Hichilema said.

In addressing Dr Kampamba, the president expressed concern about the leaking of sensitive and confidential Government information.

He said Dr Kapambwe’s selection was thoroughly vetted to ensure that the right officer was picked for the role.

“You are going to is a sensitive office, you will come across a lot of sensitive information; hear a lot but ensure that you exercise maximum responsibility as you take up this role,” he said.

He urged those going in foreign mission to ensure that they upheld the Government’s policy on economic diplomacy.

“If we visit Washington (US capital) it does not mean that we are against Beijing (Chinese capital) or if we visit Stockholm (Swedish capital), it does not mean that we are against Paris (French capital). So we do not want to get caught up in this web,” he said.

And in taking oath before the president, the new office bearers, who Mr Hichilema described as courageous for accepting their various roles, pledged to uphold the republican Constitution and serve the nation diligently.


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