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ZAF commander urges professional discipline

ZAMBIA Air Force (ZAF) Commander Colin Barry has urged ZAF staff to exhibit high levels of personal and professional discipline.

Lieutenant General Barry also said a modernised air force should be anchored on professional, accountable and motivated personnel.

He said this during the 2022 ZAF officers’ annual ball in Livingstone at the weekend, Gen Barry said the Government had put in place programmes to improve the livelihood of all citizens including military officers.

Gen Barry said military personnel should endeavour to embrace the core values of integrity, diversity, social justice, accountability and respect for freedoms and rights of others.

“Always bear in mind that you are in service to mother Zambia and all her people from all walks of life with a diversity of political ideologies.

You are directed to remain neutral and avoid taking part in political discussions or activities as this will compromise your oath of allegiance to duty,” Gen Barry said.

He said ZAF personnel should remain loyal to serving the people of Zambia, the Constitution and the commander-in-chief.

He said the ZAF command was inculcating a culture of accountability and professionalism among personnel in the discharge of their duties.

The ZAF commander also commended the Government for its political will in re-launching the COVID-19 vaccination campaign which led to Zambia’s quick attainment of 75-percent vaccination rate.

Gen Barry said due to the New Dawn administration’s commitment in reducing COVID-19 and putting up effective interventions, citizens were now able to interact and meet safely in a healthy and conducive environment.

The ZAF commander encouraged soldiers to take advantage of the free education policy for the vulnerable members of their families, as well as the increase and devolution of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Gen Barry said annual balls accorded ZAF personnel and their spouses an opportunity to mingle as part of the larger air-force family and also served as an important reminder that there was strength in remaining in a united force.

He said his command had prioritised welfare issues, among them, the liquidating of outstanding personal claims, provision of accessible financing options, provision of adequate rations for deployed and stay-over personnel, provision of conducive accommodation, procurement of uniforms and utilities and construction of office accommodation.

Gen Barry said his priority was to ensure that officers were well taken care and motivated, adding that officers should in turn discharge their duties diligently.

Newly appointed ZAF Livingstone station commander Like Like said officers were grateful to the ZAF command for the material, financial and moral support rendered to Livingstone station.

Colonel Like said the improvement of lighting at the ZAF base had enhanced flight safety and improved security around the hangar.


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