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Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles Still Viable

ZANIS-Ministry of Defense Permanent Secretary, NORMAN CHIPAKUPAKU, says overhauling the equipment at Zambia China Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe will not be in the best interest of government.

Speaking during the tour of Zambia China Mulungushi Textiles, Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU said the equipment can still be used for another five to ten years before being replaced.

Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU said machine operators and fitters who previously worked at the Zambia China Mulungushi Textiles must be called back and given the chance to revamp the biggest textile industry in the country.

He said the agreement with the equity partner can be discussed so that the factory could be revived.

Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU observed that the factory is still viable and that it was a pity that the plant has been kept shut for a long time when in the actual sense it can be utilized and help in creating jobs for the youths in the country.

And Central Province Permanent Secretary, MILNER MWANAKAMPWE, said Zambia China Mulungushi Textiles had been like a traditional ceremony which was only talked about during elections laced with lies to favour the party in government to solicit for votes.

Mr. MWANAKAMPWE, said people should be told the truth on the status of Zambia China Mulungushi textiles as opposed to peddling lies about reopening it every election year.

He said unless there is a change in the taxation regime where importation of linen in the country can be stopped, the resuscitation of Zambia China Mulungushi Textiles will continue being a pipe dream


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