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Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency Urges Public Vigilance Against Illegal Manufacturing

By Felix Katyetye

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) is intensifying efforts to safeguard consumers from potentially harmful products by urging the public to report any instances of illegal manufacturing.

Speaking ahead of world Consumer Rights Day, ZCAS Head of Communication Brain Hatyoka urged consumers to be aware of wide range of goods including mealie meal, bottled water, beverages, and other items subject to compulsory standards and that the agency’s vigilance is aimed to ensure consumer’s safety and well-being.

Encouraging citizens to become whistleblowers, ZCSA emphasizes the importance of reporting suspicious products to the nearest ZCSA office, whether located at major border posts, provincial centers, or the Head Office in Lusaka.

He added that reports can be made through the agency’s official Facebook page. The agency underscores its commitment to maintaining confidentiality, aligning with its core values to protect whistleblowers.

“As the world celebrates Consumer Rights Day on March 15, 2024, ZCSA underscores the significance of consumer awareness and caution. Consumers are urged to prioritize safety by purchasing products solely from reputable sources and diligently examining product labels to avoid expired or questionable items,” He said.

ZCAS head of communication further sent a stern warning against illegal manufacturing, importation, and supply of products.

ZCSA further highlighted the potential risks posed to public safety, health, and the environment.

Mr. Hatyoka revealed that the agency is currently collaborating with law enforcement agencies to investigate instances of illegal repackaging of mealie meal brands in Lusaka’s Kamwala South area, a violation of Zambian Compulsory Standard ZS 189-Maize Meal Specification. Samples of seized products have been sent for laboratory analysis, and pending results, appropriate actions will be taken, including disposal in accordance with the Compulsory Standards Act No. 3 of 2017.

With offices strategically positioned across provincial centers and major border entry points, ZCSA reaffirms its commitment to administering, maintaining, and enforcing compulsory standards for the betterment of public safety, health, consumer rights, and environmental protection.

He further said that as the agency intensifies enforcement activities, it underscores the importance of collective efforts in ensuring only safe products are available on the market.


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