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Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States Addresses Economic Challenges at “Shifting Mindsets Conference”

By Felix Katyetye

Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Chibamba Kanyama, has emphasized the urgent need to recognize and address the economic challenges facing Zambia.

Speaking during his opening remarks at the fourth annual “Shifting Mindsets Conference” held in Atlanta, Georgia Mr. Kanyama said the international community can take action to support Zambia’s efforts to revitalize its economy.

Mr. Kanyama further emphasized the importance of developing sustainable, alternative livelihoods and fostering partnerships with the private sector through joint ventures.

“These initiatives aim to create jobs and reduce the demand for illicit goods such as illegal charcoal and bush meat. Together we can devise plans on how we can build local capacity to manage resources, protect assets, and place communities in the driver’s seat of managing the forests and wildlife.” Mr. Kanyama stated.

Highlighting the significance of the Zambian diaspora, Mr. Kanyama expressed gratitude for the efforts of both the diaspora and the U.S. government in collaborating with Zambian organizations.

Mr. Kanyama acknowledged their contributions in increasing engagement, knowledge about Africa, and providing entrepreneurial training for Zambian youth.

The Ambassador also noted the ongoing support from the U.S. government towards Zambia, particularly in strengthening governance institutions, water and sanitation provision, economic and governance sector reforms, and support for small and medium enterprises, especially those led by women.

Mr. Kanyama further emphasized Zambia’s respect for property rights and a stable macroeconomic environment, which he believes creates a conducive atmosphere for citizen investments.

He encouraged the Zambian diaspora to leverage the current economic optimism following debt restructuring and actively participate in Zambia’s economic growth.

Mr. Kanyama urged Zambians living abroad to invest back home by capitalizing on the favorable macroeconomic conditions rather than waiting for government contracts.

He further stressed that patriotism should be the driving force behind diaspora investments in Zambia.

The “Shifting Mindsets Conference” focuses on advancing Zambia’s Economic and Cultural Diplomacy agenda. Plenary discussions cover a wide range of topics, including African Women’s Leadership in Decolonizing History, opportunities for diaspora engagement, and strategies for creating generational wealth.


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