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Zambia’s Makarios Kaunda wins Mini Mister Africa 2023

The Little Mister and Miss Africa tournament, which was held in South Africa, saw triumphs for Zambia.

Participants came from nine different African nations for the tournament.

The event offered various categories that allowed kids between the ages of 5 and 16 to demonstrate their abilities, cultural attire, and make presentations about their nations. The event’s subject was the promotion of cultural diversity.

Zambia had three representatives led by National Director, Lindiwe Kasonde.

Each and every participant from Zambia received a prize.

Makarios Kaunda, who was named Mini Mr. Africa 2023, came in first.

From left to right: Twasanta – 1st runner up Little Miss Africa, Lindiwe – National director, Tendai – Queen of Cultural Diversity and Makarios – Mini Mr. Africa 2023

Additionally, he left with two prizes: best talent and most popular participant.

First runner up for Little Miss Africa 2023 was Twasanta Kanyanta, while Queen of Cultural Diversity went to Tendai Mafukidze.

The parents of the kids were thanked by Belleza Talent Agency’s founder and national director, Lindiwe Kasonde, for letting them display their abilities on such a significant platform.

Kasonde also acknowledged headline sponsors Harvest Group, La BamBam Place, BountyShop Zambia, Jara Grocery Stores, RwandAir, Blink Africa Designs, Swiss Arabian Zambia and others for believing in the children.

Kasonde expressed his gratitude to Marina Shumikhina for her invaluable assistance in planning and carrying out the project. Story courtesy of Suma Systems.


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