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Zanaco CEO among top women CEOs in Africa

Zanaco Chief Executive Officer, Mukwandi Chibesakunda, is among the top CEOs on the 2023 Definitive List of Women CEOs in Africa.

Her appearance on the list, which features top-performing CEOs in companies listed on Africa’s 24 Stock Exchanges, follows her consistency in driving revenues for the Bank, which has been Zambia’s largest commercial bank for two consecutive years.

Of the 2,020 companies listed on the 24 African Stock Exchanges, companies with revenue of $100 million or more or a market cap of $150 million or more were screened, which yielded a list of 787 companies.

The public websites of these 787 companies were reviewed to identify female C-suite executives, with researchers examining the list of women to determine those who have the title of Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director or President and have bottom-line profit and loss responsibility. This resulted in the final list of 80 plus women CEOs, with Mrs. Chibesakunda being ranked 16th.

Commenting on the development, Zanaco Chief Executive Officer, Mukwandi Chibesakunda, said, “It is an honour to be recognised among such great women; it is through dedication and hard work that we can achieve great things. We would not achieve this with- out our customers.” Mrs. Chibesakunda said the team will strive to drive innovation through technologies, accelerate customer excellence and drive financial inclusion. “We will also strive to be a Bank that is socially inclusive, environmentally accountable, and well-governed. We aspire to help our clients with their own sus-tainability transition. This commitment will serve as the founda- tion for all of our solutions and products,” she said.



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